Monday, 28 July 2014

Deletion of Posts

Hi readers

Please note that I have deleted three recent posts that deal with the issues of racist, white privileged conduct in the academy.  At this stage I cannot discuss in detail the reasons for the removal of the three posts.

The majority of text in the deleted blogs relate to broad issues the Indigenous academy has with the white privileged conduct of some of our western colleagues; issues identified and discussed in research and literature by a number of Indigenous scholars published over the past 3 decades.  Other text reported on some of the positive activities being pursued by the Indigenous academy at this time. None of this material can be said to pertain directly to, or be the exclusive experience of the author; they are in fact part of the Indigenous academic lexicon, and as such belong to all of us.

All the general material from the 3 postings will be combined in a new blog that will be released in a few days - minus case studies deriving from the author's personal experiences of white privilege and racism.  The blog will focus on reporting on significant projects currently being pursued by members of the Indigenous Academy to enhance the development of a Critical Indigenous Studies, including a new journal and a special edition on counter-colonial criminologies.  The blog will also report on a research project on Indigenous leadership and experiences of the academy currently being carried out by Dr David Mayeda of the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Those of you involved in the Academy, as current or former academics, will be invited to participate in the project.  

Kind regards

Juan Tauri

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