Thursday, 11 September 2014

Free Offer - Fully Formed Indigenous Justice Units + Minor/Major in Critical Indigenous Justice

Tired of Foucault (and who isn't!); bored with Wacquant; want to slap the next person who references David Garland? Then have I got an offer for you!

Free to a good home - fully developed academic units and a Minor/Major in Critical Perspectives on Indigenous Justice. The package includes:

  • Outlines, reading lists for the following units - Indigenous perspectives on justice (general, introductory unit); International Indigenous perspectives on crime and justice; policing diverse communities; and Indigenous theories of crime and justice.
  • Background/rationale papers supporting the implementation of above units that will blow the mind of your Faculty/University teaching and learning 'experts' who wouldn't know an Indigenous issue if it bit them on the a*s... and
  • Background/rationale papers for establishing a Minor or Major in Indigenous Justice.

But wait, there's more!

You will also receive:

  • USB filled with over 300 journal articles, book chapters, research documents on a wide range of Indigenous-related justice issues, including policing, punishment, family violence, white privilege in criminal justice; racism in sentencing and much more!

Make your University the 'point of difference' by being the only one in Australia and New Zealand (except for the University of Auckland, which offers a unit or 2) to offer students the opportunity to learn about Indigenous issues from a critical Indigenous perspective; reject the tired old strategy of 'integrating' our issues within the mainstream (as in 'Western') criminology units! Support Indigenous scholarship!

Packaging and posting (as in email!) is free!

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Love and hugs 

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